Goals, gotta have ’em. Who knew?

GOALI had no idea until I started searching that people really do love to set themselves goals. It made me think I’ve been going about goal-setting in an entirely wrong way, and have not put enough time or effort into putting down on paper what my goals are. And don’t you know there are all sorts of helpful mnemonics out there to help make specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely (aka SMART) goals, hmm?

The most helpful words came from Melanie Greeenberg, Ph.D. on Psychology Today who wrote about how living mindfully can help you achieve those smart goals. I’ve distilled her goodness into these 5 tips:

  1. Live in the present moment and accept the vagaries of your thoughts and feelings, but don’t be ruled by them as they are fleeting. Instead, try to focus on physical and visual sensations without thought judgment.
  2. Accept all the baggage in your past – can’t change it – so move on. Accept who you are now and take small steps to change any negative habits.
  3. Your thoughts and feelings are not always representative of your truest self. Remember, expectations and past experiences colour your present thoughts.
  4. What are your core values? Once you have them defined you can take steps to bring all aspects of your life into line with your deepest code of conduct.
  5. To reach your goals you’re going to have to take risks, face anxiety and stress, meet strangers! and live with uncertainty – that’s why you really have to love your goals!


And from another couple of well-educated dudes, Dr. Edwin Locke & Dr. Gary Latham:

  • Hard goals are more motivating than easy ones because it feels more of an accomplishment to achieve something you’ve worked hard for.
  • You need to have incremental rewards for specific milestones to get a boost of motivation.
  • And give yourself an appropriate amount of time to reach the goal, not too much and not too little – that Goldilocks medium you know?
  • Oh, and bring along that old harpy: self-discipline, can’t get anywhere without that wench.
  • When you reach that goal for goodness sakes take a selfie, to let us all know!


Oh, and to see what other peeps goals are visit Twitter and use #goals to see all sorts of aspirations and affirmations, and lots of high school football cheering sections.

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