A Redo: A Few Remedies for Bad Days

It’s Memorial Day in these parts, so, as well as remembering all the fallen we’re looking back at our previous year’s posts and choosing our favorites. It’s a way for us to review where we’ve been, and to say, yep, I dig that post enough to do a redo. So, thanks for sticking around this week while we share the posts that keep us jazzed.

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Bad mornings. We all get them. Sometimes they are even contagious – the bad spreading like an oil patch. What’s worse is when the bad, sad, mad days follow one after the other, stretching to the horizon. We can’t shy away from the truth – in the serving up of life there are times when we get handed the smallest piece of light, love and laughter. So, what’s a girl to do? She keeps on reading, ’cause this week we’re sharing our bad day remedies.

At the top of my list to fix a day that started off moldy I’m gonna be reaching for my favorite cup of tea. There has to be a constant source of both antioxidants and flavorful goodness to start me off right, or the day will be pear-shaped. Over the weekend I stood in line for a good half hour for a cup of tea, and one to share – that’s how dedicated I am, as were a few other people evidently! I ignore the naysayers and enjoy my caffeine fixes every single morning.


If a day continues to feel icky, I need to know why. Since last month I’ve been keeping Impossible to Possible lists. I detail out every task, small, medium or large, that is making my day feel squirrely. When I see the dread lettered out, the inked words seem more manageable then the cloudy thoughts.


Well, you know what my third remedy for a bad day is – it’s why you follow these posts – it’s to get moving. Sure there will be days when I won’t be able to dredge up a smitten of running mojo, and that’s okay. When I feel the barest tingle of restless feet I’m out the door, remembering why I love to run. And yes, the bad day might still be there waiting for me, but I’ll have moved one task from impossible to possible – and there will be tea and peanut butter, my favorite food group. Nuts to bad days, search out the good.

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