here's to the new kid
Let’s jump in with both feet, yes?

A couple of years ago I had a minor skirmish on a sidewalk while running. An older black gent and I coming at each other on a narrow sidewalk started playing that avoidance-dance card. You know the one, right? First one way, then the other and if the cosmos shines on you, maybe a third time – which it did on this occasion. At the zenith of our near collision, in frustration the good fellow barked, “MOVE girl, GO!” And like a tigerfish, I was hooked – for the rest of my run that phrase ticker-taped my front cortex and it became my favorite what-happened-while-running anecdote.

From that moment on I wanted to create a platform where I could share my motivations for running and what kept me inspired. But, I never wanted to be the lone contributor, I always pictured my peeps writing about what kept them moving. The world is a diverse place and I know some pretty cool chicks who love keeping fit and as a bonus are also creative. Each week we choose a topic and everyone writes about it from their perspective, which leads to interesting and engaging reads. On Fridays everyone contributes to Inspiration/Perspiration Fridays, and these weekly round-ups can be pretty hilarious and inspiring.

Our main focus above all the other fun stuff we’ll delve into, will be, what does it take to get you moving? Like my sidewalk-dance of going nowheres, what is holding you back? And we think by sharing the best of ourselves, especially the struggles of keeping motivated – we might just get you inspired to lace up those tennies and go out into the world.

For us this site is going to be a place to write about what gets us going, what moves us forward, and helps bring about good moments of, “Hey, I nailed that landing like Mary Lou Retton!” And you bet we’ll be sharing the best of our motivational tools.

Please continue to stop back to take note of our adventures – give us long enough and we’ll grow on you! Much love & now, get movin’.