3 Creative Goals for January


All totaled, I’ve made 12 goals for 2015, and have chosen 3 to focus on during January.

The first goal: to make a timeline, so that I can get practical about the aims I’ve got for this new year. Last week my year’s hopes and aspirations were posted on the internet, so that makes it a bit different to previous years’ resolutions made on bits of paper that somehow got lost and forgotten.

The second of January’s goals: Finish the two oil paintings that I started way back in 2014—and it’s not as if they’re hidden away and forgotten. They’re right here, in my face on big easels, tired of being ignored, begging for thought and attention—and paint. When working with oils, it’s a good thing to put layer upon layer on so that the colours can mingle. Don’t know how the old established colours are going to bond with new additions, but just as I’m old and a bit on the dry side, I’ve got confidence in the paints to adapt.

A third goal: pick one of my art books—and get reading, taking notes and learning. My first choice will be a book on composition—a great place to start for any artist who wants to improve the subject matter of what they choose to create.

60_Hula_HoopsWhoopsie: since this is the MOVE GIRL GO!! website, I believe I should mention the never ending goal of increasing the physical. My moves have improved since the 1st day of the year, with days of yoga, weights and stretching. Added to that? I recently acquired a hula hoop, and someone nearly made a video of my spastic efforts to remember just how it should work. This morning after the yoga I got it going round and round about 20+ times—and picked it up and did it again. Twice was enough. Not quite the champion I was 50 years ago, but hey—my waist is going to get a hula groove by the end of January—and I’ll invite select photographers to get their cameras (or hula hoops) rolling.

[Img.Src: Tosca Olinsky, Helene Sardeau, Gwen Lux, Circus Hula Hoops]

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