3 Steps to Lighten Those Grays

Monday, February, Winter, Gray, Chilly. Is this an approximate description of your day so far? And are you the one in charge of bringing colour, warmth and a smidgen of joy into your day? Yes? Or are you a lucky mademoiselle who gets these delivered on the morning tea tray along with a brioche? No? Hmmm. This week we’ll be sharing how we each bring a little light into the dark stretch of winter.


First up in my battle against the surge of gray is to take a trip to the local bookstore / cafe. Browse for my favourite magazines, scope out the peeps slumped on benches flipping through glossies and see if anyone is choosing books in the sexuality/erotica aisle. That bit of fun over with I head on to the cafe for a mocha with a shot of hazel, no whipped cream, thanks. Then I’ll sit and ponder the big questions in life – who writes all those cookbooks, what are these folks actually doing on their laptops, and when’s light-speed travel gonna be invented so my sister can join me for coffee??

Next up if I need a further jolt to escape the gray, I’ll visit the local antique store with its many dealer stalls full to the brim of tchotchkes and ephemera. Having a good rummage through the cast off from many people’s lives makes me think about what I hold dear and goodness me isn’t it much cooler than this shhhtuff…

Books. Books are always going to feature on a list-up of things to brighten my day. Lay in bed with the fairy lights twinkling, a cup of tea, snacks and a Barbara Pym novel – good way to battle the gray. Yep, I can already see some golden light illuminating a passing cumulonimbus, burning out the gray. Monday, February, Winter Grays dyed Blonde.

[Img.Src: Train Yard]

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