Dissecting a Viktor Frankl Quote

It sometimes happens that when one reads a well-worded quote, one becomes inspired to change/move/rock the boat. What is it about our brains that they can be so easily uplifted? So, this week we’re sharing what happens when we read a Viktor Frankl quote, and try to learn how to be more positive.


As the instigator of this topic I was doubly inspired to try living a day fully in the present, trying to make the best decisions I could, and to embrace my ‘second time’ around. For me it was a thought-experiment, as I analyzed my actions and speech, wondering if they were worthy of a second chance of living – or if they still fell in the ‘acted wrongly’ camp. During my morning meditation, where one is already trying to be present with the breath, and failing, I dunno, my thoughts just felt dull, not excited for an imagined second life go-round. And that seemed to set the tone for the rest of the day.

Well, Mr. Frankl, frankly I was a little mad by about 3PM, there was no getting away from the me who acts ‘wrongly’ all the time. I was angry at the futility of trying to be positive while being bombarded by feeling like a failure. Turns out, a well-worded sentence can make me wonder continuously if what I’m doing is enough, is it good, why can’t I think positively. What I learned is that not every quote one delves into is going to continue to inspire, instead it might leave you mired in mud. So, no thanks, Mr. Frankl, I’ll try my best with this one life I’ve got, nuts to always imagining ‘be better, be better, be worthy of a second chance.’

[Img.Src: Viktor Frankl portrait]

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