Beat Back Those Bleak Greys


Having spent almost 6 years in Hawaii, I had become unaccustomed to coping with ‘weather.’ Upon our arrival back on the mainland, east coast side, we were at once confronted with a bleak, misty, grey morning and the cold was such a shock. I had convinced myself leading up to this move that I would tackle the change, and challenges and enjoy this new adventure and our year living in the capital. Eh, great idea, reality, adventures are overrated.

Living in a cold climate is unappealing, getting all dressed up to take the dog out is a pain in the backside. Socks, shoes, hoodie, gloves, puffy down coat, woolie hat. And still the wind eats away and chills your flesh to the bone. Once back home after walking the dog I have to crawl back into our bed, heaped with covers, shivering and sorry for myself. On the weekends walking the dog is the only time I’ll leave the building. If I don’t have to go out in this stupid weather then I won’t. Spring better be freaking amazing.

[Img.Src: Winter]

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