Beat the Heat Summer Projects

You’ve heard of getting in out of the rain, right? Well, with the hot temperatures occurring these days, I’m all for getting in out of the heat.

My summer projects so far have indoor venues: Art in my studio, or Art wherever I’m spending some long hours indoors.

Iv’e got mixed feelings about the 6 attempts at my productions so far:

Graphite and coloured pencils:


1) very pleased
2) somewhat unhappy
3) bummed out after an exciting beginning. This one might end up on the scrap heap.


3 canvases are in varying stages of incompletion, but so far I’m pleased with the way the colours are working together, with high hopes of satisfaction for the outcomes.


Having an art show in a few weeks, I’m hoping to display some new work—out in the Martinez sunshine. Hoping for cool breezes.

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