Begin to Move Again

I’m in my ninth month of having zero interest in getting back into a fit form. I don’t want advice nor do I want to give it. Everyone knows that they should exercise, for one sound reason or another.

I haven’t the drive or motivation any more. I do begin a new regimen but can’t stick to it for any length of time. Maybe the feng shui in my house is off or maybe I’m out of alignment because I live in freaking Lithuania, I don’t know. I loved getting thru 90 minute tough vinyasa classes, running miles and miles but now I look back and wonder who that chick was, certainly isn’t me now.


To begin again, I would start by brisk walking and after a week or two I would start, run a bit walk a bit, interval deal until I could comfortably run a mile and build on that. Baby steps. I do already run through a yoga sequence in my head, it’s just a half hour to work on building back strength and building back my breath. Small bites.

My reason for exercising wasn’t for my health or weight loss, I did it because it made me feel great. I want to want to be that woman again who went to the yoga studio 5/6 days a week and ran 4/5 days a week too, who had that drive and verve for no other reason than it feels good to move.

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