Bikini Ready

The last few weeks a cycle class instructor has been talking about getting our bodies bikini ready. This of course is a little funny because there are a few men in class…

I used to put quite a bit of pressure on myself to drop the extra winter weight that I gained over the holidays. Over the years I have tried fad diets and a few well known commercial ones. It wasn’t until I truly listened to my body and understood what it wanted that I was able to truly be ready for every season, including bikini.


It sounds simple, but at first it felt odd. I eat when I am hungry. For me, quite often this means that I end up eating lots of snacks throughout the day. I also eat what sounds good. Sometimes that is breakfast for dinner (like a pancake with an egg) and other times it is an early lunch (like a half of sandwich at 10:30 am). Quite often things get balanced with fruit, vegetables, and low fat dairy, like Greek yogurt. And yes, I do eat carbs, sugar, drink alcohol, and I also splurge on dessert.

My “new” way of eating has been in practice for quite a few years. So the next time our instructor asks if we are bikini ready, my answer will have to be yes. I am saying yes now because I am comfortable in my own skin, which has given me confidence. No pressure, just happy to be me.

[Img.Src: Havasu Creek, 1972]

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