A Few More Blessed Sunny Days

Our last few warm days, maybe weeks if we’re lucky, of strong sunlight are running away – with a blustery and gray winter waiting in the wings, gathering its breath to freeze our extremities. The borderland between warm and cold seasons is a fickle and mercurial zone, with temperatures all over the map, and with now cold, now balmy winds to keep us guessing. This week we’re sharing how we get out and celebrate the last full-strength sun of the year.

I like the change in the sun this time of year. It goes from a fiery, melt your face off, hot-tempered, moisture-sucking ball of fire to a shy, low-angled, peek-a-boo 60 watt bulb – that flatters practically all skin types. With the waning of the fiery ball, mornings start with a chill, and I love to put on a light jacket – knowing the sun will be just warm enough that I can take it off around lunchtime, maybe.


I also love the indecisiveness of this season to season borderland. I continue to ignore weather reports, instead enjoying not knowing what will be required of my wardrobe come morning. The weather swings between rain, sun, clouds, wind, fog and cold – in the span of hours, like a nattily-dressed Pisces gent choosing between bow ties.

Lastly, I visit the beach, which is even more changeable than our inland zone. Folks walk the coastline in all types of weather, but on a sunny day, the picnics come out to play – especially this time of year. If it’s a warm sun, with the fog burnt off, jackets are removed and everyone gets becalmed, soaking up Vitamin D.

May you have many sunny days making you happy.

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