Four Legged Sunshine

If you are like me, it has been difficult to watch the news lately, so I have been watching less TV and doing more. I was at a Junior League event last week and a fellow member asked me about my dog. That sparked a dinner conversation on how much our dogs mean to us; they are a part of the family.

This conversation seemed to have followed me this week. Dog owners just love their pets. I find myself wondering if Buddy (my yellow Labrador) is doing ok at doggie day care, making sure to leave work on time so I can get home to feed him, and am even considering car choices for my next new car for his benefit. When I talk to other dog owners these things seem perfectly natural things to do.


The unconditional love and joy that Buddy has brought into my life is amazing. My life is so much more full and positive now that he is a part of our family. I appreciate how he urges me to go on walks. He is also empathic if I am not feeling well and will rest with me until I am feeling better. He will shop with me at Nordstrom and sit with me while I enjoy a glass of wine at an outdoor café. Yes, that is right, I think that I found the perfect man!

Buddy, I appreciate you more than words can say!

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