Getting Strong for Spring

The first day of Spring is fast approaching, 20th of March, Vernal Equinox and all that. This week we’ll be sharing if we’re ready for all that Spring has to offer, or do we need to brush up on a few muscle groups? After all, there are cheery blossoms to scout for, wildflowers to hike up to, veggie gardens to plant, Easter eggs to hunt for, Spring Break holidays to have a wee bit of fun on…


My town has been having a deluge of rain, and after years of drought – every drop is celebrated. However, even though I love to run in the rain, some days a girl just doesn’t want to get wet, and as a result I have not been running as often as I know is good for me. Headed into Spring I feel the need to build up the strength in my legs more, especially around my knees. I have my favorite circuit training found in the Runner’s Complete Guide to Running, and as long as I dedicate time to complete it, and a few squats, I know I’ll feel stronger.

This video from 3V has some similar moves – these ones geared to improving the glutes, aka tucas.

[Img.Src: Easter Island, map]

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