Got the Post-Workout Munchies?

cake_heartI used to think that after exercising I could eat whatever I wanted because heavy duty sweating equalled a free pass on all food choices. What changed that thought pattern? The simple fact of getting older, my peeps. No more eating without thinking, now all choices must be thought of in terms of nutrients, healthy fats, fibre, yada yada yada. And all those good things are what we’ll be munching on this week as we share our favourite post-workout snacks. So, get ready to avoid the centre food aisles with us, and grab some carrot sticks…

kitchen_victoryAs for getting recipes out of me, I think I might be chased with flaming batons if I proclaim to be any sort of cook instead of the kitchen misfit I really am. So, let’s just say that after a run I’ll throw together some fibre in the form of brown rice, a little protein from the sea, and a veggie or two. On other days it’ll be a high-fibre whole wheat english muffin with pb&j, and half a melon. And if it’s a sticky hot day I’ll gravitate towards a large bowl full of salad with all the veggie toppings and a simple olive oil & vinegar dressing.

I’ve got my healthy habits down to an albeit boring pattern, now I have to work on my PMS and bad mood unhealthy don’t give-a-hoot habits. Sigh.

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