Inspiration/Perspiration Fridays


Try New Things

Mizzfit: This week I’ve started trying out a new app, Pacifica, and it’s all about tracking one’s moods and activities. The overall aim is to see where a girl is with her stress and anxiety, as it allows her to see a chart of her ups and downs and what she did on those days that might have helped or hindered her mood. There are also breathing and muscle relaxing exercises, and more of those if one signs up for the premium package. As with all things techie, the more input it has the better it works, so I’ve tried to be diligent…


One unexpected side bonus was a randomly generated impetus to go hiking – that outdoor activities section needed a boost! The one thing that hiking has over running is the lack of cars on the trail. I get sick and tired of dealing with tonnes of metal, so a break in the woods was welcome. And I got to add 90 minutes to Pacifica, not that she cares too much! So, cheers to a fun weekend with many good moods.


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