Inspiration/Perspiration Fridays

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Keeping it Trimm

TrimmwayLaFitterina: Our discussions of motivation, inspiration, and gratitude reminded me that I have one exceptional person to thank for keeping me fit and trim — my nutritionist, Karen Kelley, who owns Trimm-Way Weight Center. She even included me in her website It’s great to be able to recommend Karen and Trimm-Way to the MoveGirlGO community!

Inspiration doesn’t necessarily = Perspiration

Ms. Bockle:  Not this week, anyway.  Previously, I mentioned the need to plan on exercising in the evenings if my work schedule demanded it.  Unfortunately, that great intention was left in the theoretical dust.  I can blame my lack of resolve on early dawn starts, the heat wave, and the evening call for a cold beer.

Gotta GardenMy moments of inspiration this week did come, as they often do, through the airwaves of the radio as I drove to work.  I imagined myself dancing–with brilliant moves–to the music of Smashing Pumpkins or Jack Johnson.

As my weekend begins, I’ll do some much-needed yoga, then turn up the volume on some great beats so that I can pull up the over grown ivy in my back yard.  Then before the weekend comes to a close I’ll make a plan of action for next week:  1st:  Stop with the excuses, 2nd:  Make an exercise plan for every day, or at least every other day, and 3rd:  think of an out-of-the-ordinary/non-comfort zone activity, just to make life interesting.  Now that I’ve written that down, it’s required to report back next week, right?

Kick-Ass Chicks.

St. Swartz: While flat on my back on a mat yesterday, in a small well appointed studio surrounded by all sorts of Pilates gadgetry, I had a momentary lapse from ‘core’ concentration.
I thought of aging.

Matisse: The DanceThe chick who’d invited me to her private Pilates has on occasion mentioned being in her sixties. The instructor too has told me her age.  So there I was laying on the mat tacking on 10 and then 20 years to my age and picturing myself like these amazing women doing what we love decades from now.  How kick ass would that be? How kick ass would I be!  Watching a woman a couple decades older than I choose to come to the tough vinyasa classes and kick ass is inspiring.  I’m constantly amazed by what this body can do when I surrender the limitations I put on it.

Old Route, New Tricks

Mizzfit: I’ve been running the same route for many months simply because it’s what I know, and I’ve gotten used to it. On Wednesday I got a wild hair to run it in reverse, and it was quite odd – my brain was trying to smoosh the new street views in with the more familiar angles and it was quite a workout. Plus, all my hills were at the end instead of the beginning; fun, right? Here’s an awesome video of someone very good at running differently, now I didn’t run backwards, but I am intrigued enough to try it out for a wee stretch…


Cheers to having an adventure this weekend!

[image of Matisse: The Dance is from MoMa]

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