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Keeping the Connections Alive

Ms. Bockle: Today, the only sweat I encountered during the day was when I was stuck in traffic on two different freeways, because of two different car situations, neither of which involved my car, except for the fall out. So I opened the windows, took in the scenery, and played my music loudly. I only discovered that sweat was involved when I tried to peel my legs from the driver’s seat–pants sorta bonded with it.

Except I’m not here to talk about sweat so much as inspiration–and that due to human contact, but not my fellow travelers on the freeway.

girls_playingToday I met up with friends that I’d not seen in a few months–and it wasn’t because of deep philosophical discussions over lunch that I came away inspired. Just simple interaction, camaraderie, caring and the joy of keeping the friendships alive made us want to get together again soon.

Then, when arriving home, had coms with Mike’s sons (one through texting, the other in a real phone conversation), and it felt good to also have that contact after such a long time.

It feels good to not just go to work, drive home, do chores, watch a dvd, go to bed and then start the whole cycle the next day. The simple act of taking time to keep relationships alive and healthy helps to calm my spirit with a feeling of connectedness.

From Nothing to Something

LaFitterina: The topic I came up with was . . . nothing. I’m drawing a blank as to how to write about nothing, so instead I’ll write about . . . hmmm, still at a loss . . .

This must be what Writer’s Block feels like. Wowza, I just found there’s tons of inspiring stuff and fun images on the ‘net about Writer’s Block. I even found a list of suggested topics for bloggers who are similarly blocked up:

Talk about some of your favorite things right at this moment in life.
Share a great new product or book with your readers.
Share some weird traits that you may have.
Talk about things you would do IF.
How much you’ve changed over the years. Or have you?
Share some fun facts about the REAL you. “If you REALLY knew me you’d know. . .”
“I’m happy/excited/hopeful/inspired because . . .”

So, now I have topics galore! I especially like the last suggestion – I’m happy/excited/hopeful/inspired because I’ve met my word quota for this week, and now we all have permission to take the whole weekend off to celebrate!

Keeping the Quotes Alive

Mizzfit: My last tidbit about goals. Thanks to Cindy for the Kennedy quote. Cheers:



Truth from the Girls

St. Swartz: As a girl who was abused. As a mum of two boys who taught them that being a girl is not a weakness:

[Img.Src: JumpRope]


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