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Loving the Little Things in Life

LaFitterina: Lately we’ve been talking about ideal days and giving thanks, which prompted me to think of the little things that make a day seem special and for which I’m grateful.

Such as:

Waking up and finding my cat has deigned to come sleep on my bed with me — this gives me a warm feeling of being loved (or at least tolerated).


My morning coffee brew turns out just like Starbucks. This doesn’t happen everyday, because I use the drip method and I’m not precise on the ratio of water to coffee (plus milk/half & half), so I’m grateful when I get it right. (Note to Self: You idiot, this recipe has 3 ingredients — how hard can it be to measure them out . . .)


I hit 10,000 Steps before the end of the day, as signaled by the flashing and vibrating of the FitBit pedometer on my wrist.


For me, those are 3 important contributors to having an ideal day. It truly doesn’t take much to create real happiness!

On Being Thankful for this Life

Ms. Bockle: The only thing that stands out in my mind for this week is a horrible accident that happened as I was going north on 680–it occurred on the 680 south side of the freeway–after dark. First I was stuck in very slow traffic–and since it was in a stretch of freeway that doesn’t usually have a back-up I thought it odd, but didn’t give it much more thought. But then I saw a series of emergency vehicles–at least 5, with lights flashing –coming onto the freeway–going NORTH–meaning that all the lanes on that side had been blocked.


Finally, not too far from where I exit the freeway, I saw where the accident happened. The fire engines and ambulances had arrived; bright lights were shining everywhere on mangled cars–and one SUV was upside down, looking grotesque and misshapen. After the SUV there were still more cars, more people, more trucks. Then there was a long long line of stationary cars just sitting, stuck–no ability to move forward or backward.

And I felt so sad for the people involved in that horrible tangled mess, and for their families–and thought for some it wasn’t just a temporary glitch in the day, but that the consequences could be horrific for some families for a very long time. And I felt sad for the people stuck waiting, but for them their horrible time would be just one long dark night stuck on the road.

The next day I was really mindful of my driving, and even though I was watchful and careful still had some unpleasant close calls of near dings.

Not sweaty, nor inspirational, but more like chills and shudders–and a reminder to realize that this life is fleeting.

Gotta Know What Gets You Up Hills

Mizzfit: Over the weekend I read a quote, “Even if a single day in your life is the same as the day before, it surely is a pity.” Sufi wisdom. So, to make my Sunday different I went on a 7 mile walk with the first part up a very steep hill. I was beat by the time I got home but able to get up the next day and run 5.5 miles, so, the body is tough, thank goodness. I have a Billie Holiday remix album and it got me up workout hill and this trumpet-leading song, “He Ain’t Got Rhythm” is my favourite – please enjoy and may you have many unique and wonderful days.


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