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Heart your Body

Ms. Bockle: After reading all about the uterus, heart, liver and kidneys, it’s obvious that they all have a few things in common–the ones that stand out for me have been how they all benefit greatly by residing in a person who’s mindful of healthy eating and exercise.  That’s pretty motivational–and it’s also inspiring to look around at all the different ways we can get moving–housework, brushing cats, feeding fish, gardening, swimming, biking, running–no excuses not to get actively involved with life.

rumi heart poem

LaFitterina: This week our posts emphasized bodily organs, but no one mentioned ‘The Breast’. I’m sure (although not inclined to do any research at this moment), our breasts should be thought of as important organs. To the point, (à la, ‘without nipples, breasts would be pointless’), this week I had my annual mammogram, always a time approached with trepidation. My boob-squeeze turned out just fine, big sigh of relief.

Time eat butterMore importantly (segueing to another topic), I spent my waiting-room time reading a month-old Time magazine with the cover emblazoned “Eat Butter”! and came away thinking that the lead article should be required reading (use the search term Eat Butter to find it online). It gives hope that masses of people will find it easier to develop healthy diets that will work to achieve healthy weight.

My take-away was that we don’t have to struggle to follow low-carb/low-fat diets to achieve weight loss. ‘Yes’ to low-carb, but we can increase fats to a reasonable level, and feel more satiated.

This is going to take some getting used to, but for me right now it means that I can eat egg yolks with impunity (cooked in ways that maintain their precious nutrients — poached is my favorite) and enjoy the fantastic taste of coffee with half-and-half. I’m glad that the scientific community is re-examining edicts that it set forth decades ago. Let’s all get on-board with re-thinking the best way to achieve diets that work for us!

Getting Upside Down


St. Swartz: When asked by an instructor what I wanted to do in class I asked for inversions. And she delivered. I think we ran the gamut. Handstands, headstands, forearm balance and finished off with shoulder stand. I don’t know why I dig getting upside down so much.


Lifting up into a hand stand and trying to control my descent is such a moment of focus and connection to my body that I don’t experience throughout the rest of my day. Playing with all the variations of headstands is another journey of focus and intent- don’t discount the crazy core work going on here.


Shoulder stand- the mother of yoga poses. Helping to realign the cervical curve and helping keep the thyroid in good health all the while you check out your toes. Afterwards I feel youthful, and that feels good! I fully endorse getting upside down.

Love of the Ocean

Mizzfit: If you ever feel trepidatious about heading out the door to face the world please picture this woman from Vestmanna in the Danish Faroe Islands. Gather a smidgen of her courage and gumption and face down your brain-rain of doom and gloom. Cheers!

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