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I haven’t been doing much book reading of late. Been googling and reading up on how to get rid of a beer gut- yes I know, quit drinking beer, done. Reading up on what causes your gut to flab up when you drink too much beer- your poor organs are loaded down trying to rid your system of poison and so all the sugars and rubbish gets stored ’round your middle. D’you know that one beer can equal 7 slices of bread? When was the last time you just ate 7 slices of bread? I hope the interwebs is fibbing and fudging the truth on that matter, ’cause yoikes!

So I am back in the mood to tackle all the harm and nonsense I’ve subjected this form to for far too many months. Reading up on what fitness regimen will speed up my getting back into healthy shape. Taken on a month long squat and burpee challenge, getting out on the bicycle daily, stay active!


Read up on what foods will help trim away a gut- cut back on carbs, no alcohol, eat lean proteins, beans, seeds, viscous fibers, lots of water, green tea, green veggies, red fruits and veggies, oh and drink lots of freaking water. If only just reading about fitness and health could just get it done. But alas I’m only on day 5 of my challenge and today I’ve got to go lace up my takkies and flex and extend my way thru 70 deep squats. (I read that deep squats are good for knee health, if you can manage that full range of motion without uncomfortable sensation, aka pain) Get my heart seriously pumping thru 25 burpees. I started with 10 mind, and 25 is a death knell, by the end of the 30 days I’m supposed to manage 100 of the suckers. Holy moly. I feel like the burpee is a perfect analogy for my getting reinterested in shaping up- jumping back into plank from a squat, a push up, jump to a squat and then jump up to an upright position is such a BOOST!! Jump jump jump. So damn fun. Taking charge, and thanx to reading all the articles on the Googles I’m armed with all sorts of ideas and inspirations.

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