A Leap Year Birthday

1461 not 1460? An extra day here in Eastern Europe? Hells bells. I didn’t even know this was a leap year until tasked with this week’s blog subject. Looking out at the quiet winter landscape, (and yes it’s freaking snowing again) I am not heartened by the thought of a bonus day here.

I have a friend whose birthday falls on February 29. We joke about how this year she is turning 15 not 60. A birthday that comes around every 4 years, now that’s a celebration. Her daughter, a close mate, is taking her skydiving! That’d be a memorable way to mark the bonus day.


I, will have a day like every other day; up early to fix coffee and breakfast, build sandwiches for the boys lunches, feed the hound and kats, get the boys on the bus, kiss the man off to work and then face my quiet yawning wide day of household drudgery and sameness, and waiting for my boys to come home so I can tend and talk to someone else besides the dog, cats and myself. Mayhaps the day will bring news of starting my job? Flicker of hope.

[Img.Src: Parachutes landing, location unknown]

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