Long Live Summer Memories.

rumi_summer_poemDo we measure the quality of our lives by how well we have lived or by more material items? I prefer to think we derive satisfaction from the state of our memories, for material goods come and go, but our ephemeral past is always with us. The summer season is a chance to make good and long-lasting memories. The hotter sun, wider variety of local farm produce, longer days, freedom for kids – aren’t these all perfect ingredients to create adventures which last a lifetime? Man, I sound like a Disneyland commercial. Summer has a lot to live up to, right?

TropeaMy favorite summer memory is of a time when I had the same sort of granted freedom as a just released school kid. No, I wasn’t in the slammer, sheesh, I was however finished with military obligations. It was a rollercoaster ride of emotions – no one telling me what to do, which is liberating and terrifying. Luckily, I was able to drive cross-country and then take a flight to Sicily to see family living there. Don’t worry, I’m not going to make you sit through a tell-all, or a slideshow, let’s just say – that summer lived up to its potential.

CapetownThere are times in our lives we know we’re going to remember forever, and that’s how that time with family both in Sicily and Africa was for me. On the long sleepless flight home, I knew what I’d just experienced in those months would possibly be the best memories I’d carry with me.

For this summer my plans aren’t so grand, I’m creating local adventures. My goal is to get outdoors and go places I haven’t been to yet, such as a wetlands wildlife habitat, a cactus garden (yikes, spikes), you get the idea – cross off some of those to-dos.

berriesAnd thanks to global warming we’re going to have some record high temperatures. My go-to beat the heat summer healthy treat is to keep the fridge stocked with chopped summer fruit and sugar-free popsicles. Cheers to creating vibrant summer memories and lacing up those tennies for outdoor excursions.



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