A Few Miles of Summer Traveling

This summer I am looking forward to some traveling. In fact this very next week I’m headed with my husband as well as some other military folk to the port town of Klaipeda. An American ship is pulling into harbor and visiting with the Lithuanians for a few days. While my husband is busy sorting out legalities and smoothing the way for the visit and anticipating any hiccups- the military term is snafu- my dog, yes I’m bringing my dog, and I will walk around the town- we are gonna find all the parks and pile up on lawns and read books. No kids! No cleaning, except for picking up dog doodoo! No cooking! Just indulging my and my dog’s whims for a week. Well that’s my vision, who knows how it will turn out.


Mid July will find all four of us this time, heading south to Rome. We are all booked up for a mini Italian tour. A few days in Rome will acquaint the boys with an up close and personal exposure to an awesome city steeped in history, art and style. From there we drive across to Florence- I wanted to check out David, then Bologna so that the boys (that includes the husband) can check out: Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Ducati factories- sounds dreadful-, and finishing up the Italian tour with a few days in Venice. Our flight home will be interrupted with a few days spent in Amsterdam- our elder son picked out that city as the only one he was really interested in, and we all know why,- and back to Lithuania where for the rest of the summer myself and our bank balance will be trying to recuperate. CIAO BELLA!


[Img.Src: Klaipeda, Ducati Museum]

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