MOVE girl, GO!!

What a way to get motivated—hearing that get shouted, either by a passer-by, or a voice inside my head.
I'm going to change
Move, go.

But why move? And go? Go where? Well, move in order to accomplish aims and goals, and go somewhere other than just here, anywhere but in never-ending, mind-numbing circles.

Moving consistently has to start with a plan, a schedule; otherwise the movement spazzes into fits of jumps and starts, fizzles out with splutters and farts, ending up with lethargy.

Before acting on the physical need for movement, my head needs to be transformed into a channel of more than just wishful thinking.

I’m more than aware of reasons to get this body moving. From magazines to self-help books to T.V. shows, to urgings from family and friends, I’ve experienced a constant onslaught of information about the need for exercise: to improve health and the quality of life, improve self image, self confidence and self-worth.

Gotta beat the odds...
Gotta beat the odds…

But how to counteract the mood swings, how to deal with erratic schedules, the heavy feeling of lethargy and indifference—that kind of ‘how-to’ can’t be answered by any book, article, or T.V. show. It’s got to be me, inside my head, kick-starting this brain that sometimes acts like an unfeeling judgmental overseer. Get out of the rut of whatever keeps me from increasing my heart rate from the boring thud thud thud that is engulfed by a flabby mind and body.

I’m going to turn my “I’ve got to” into “I’m going to” get hold of something more substantial than my little garden trowel to chisel me out of this cesspool of indifference—whether it be to smell flowers, pull weeds, read poetry, bake bread or take a walk—MOVE GIRL, GO.

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