Ms. Bockle’s 2017 Bad Habits

Here are a few nasty habits I do on a daily basis that curtail my ability to operate at optimum levels:

1) My morning starts off on a hopeful note, with a cup of tea and the creation of a to-do list, filled with great projects and lofty goals. As well as some laundry. But then I quickly get sucked into the ‘perhaps tomorrow’ trip. One big reason why my to-do list turns into a round tuit is the call of facebook.  Sure, I get to connect with friends and family, see inspiring photos, share jokes or the latest news (arghh!!), and if I really want the time to slip by–watch a comedy sketch or a music video. However, fb, is a time thief. Knowing this has only helped me to diminish my usage ever so slightly. I’m hoping that I can lower my consumption down to a moderate level.

2) I’ve become a whiner and complainer about how my body is falling apart, going into tedious descriptions of colds and aches and pains, oh my! If I happen upon a captive audience, I’ll even share my attempts of recovery from various maladies. Just recently I suddenly realized that I was becoming a bore. First: Everyone is getting old. Second: Everyone gets sick. Third: No one wants to hear my litany of complaints, or even my solutions.

3) Someone near and dear to me told me I had a tendency to interrupt, and this goes with #2—thinking I’ve got such interesting tidbits inside my head that demand to be vocalized. A friend starts to share a story, and all of a sudden I jump in, take over and turn it around to being all about me. How perfectly revolting. This habit needs immediate—and constant attention—shutting my mouth is a good start.

4) Another bad habit is the mode of entertainment I’ve been using to occupy my evening hours. Given that my energy levels diminish with the waning of the sun, I need some alternative pursuits besides sitting for untold hours watching TV. Drawing, reading or knitting are great therapeutic pastimes, and would lead to a more restful night’s sleep.

[Img.Src: Skeletons Chatting, 1909. Women & Needlework, 1905.]

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