Ms. Bockle’s 2017 Exercise Routines

How’s the year for improving my exercise routine going so far? Well, I’m glad that I don’t have to stand before a jury of my peers—or before people who are a couple generations younger to determine my success—or lack thereof. But that’s okay, since the point of my exercising is not to impress anyone; I’m motivated to move to improve the quality of my life. I am hoping that improving its quality will have a positive ripple effect.

One big aim for the year is to increase my stamina for walking long distances; I’d really like to get into the kind of shape I was in this time last spring, but have to be patient with myself. Even if it’s to walk a mere 10 minutes a day, that is better than nothing. But I’ve gone walking for up to half an hour, and even 40 minutes—and worked up a sweat for the first time in quite awhile.

Right now, and for the next few weeks, I’m visiting with family, and we’ve been walking everywhere—haven’t been in a car for a week! It’s out the door and meander along roads made of cobblestones and narrow sidewalks. The other day the mileage was clocked and it was an awesome 3.2 miles; we’d been on our feet for what seemed like hours. To be honest, it felt more like 10 miles.

Another goal for the year is to work out the pain in my feet, knees, back, etc, and I’ve been consistent in my exercise routine—with great pain-free results. Another fantastic part of this visit with my family is that I’m learning new yoga stretches that are specifically beneficial to my crooked little body. Now I just need to do more repetitions of those exercises.

My aims for the next quarter of 2017 is to keep on moving, but to up the pace. Also: going up and down stairs, up hills and down dales with more confidence—due to increased strength in my core. I need to work on strengthening my knees, diminishing their pain in order to achieve these goals.

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