Ms. Bockle’s List of Love

Since we’ve had our senses bombarded by hearts, flowers, the color red, love and chocolate this week–or has it been since Christmas–how about I take a look at loving myself?

By loving myself, I treat my mind, body and soul with respect–(not total adoration)–because by doing positive things for myself, I’m empowered to be a positive force of love to those around me.

If I want to show love for my body, I turn to YOGA, combined with weight lifting and exercises I’ve learned from friends, family, personal trainers and physical therapists. It’s necessary for me to be consistent with what I call my ‘yoga et al’ routine, if I want to do the exercise I truly LOVE–WALKING.

I love walking…

around my neighborhood
to the library
along winding trails
up and down gentle slopes
across bridges
through woods and forests
beside creeks and rivers
beneath towering redwood trees
among ferns and wildflowers
down dusty roads
on solid ground
over new terrain
near bodies of water
towards the setting sun
until my bones start creaking.

To reward my body for achieving successful meanderings, I apply ice or heat to aching body parts. If I want to show true love for my feet, I’ll set up my foot spa with essential oil-infused hot water, giving my heels, toes and bunions some well-deserved pampering.

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