My Beautiful Brain

There are innumerable reasons why I love my brain. When certain parts of my body give me grief, my brain keeps on functioning. Even though I’ve been prone to moan about ‘senior moments’ or ‘dilapidated brain cells’, my brain rises above the insults to keep my body performing at optimum levels. It helps me cope with the unpredictabilities of life.

Your brain and mine:

  • can register 800 sensations per second for 70 years (give or take a few)
  • can operate continually without the need to re-boot
  • can make a lasting memory after hearing something 36 times.
  • makes us human, for example: the brain gives us a capacity for art, language, moral judgments, rational thought; is responsible for personality, memories, movement, perceptions; has 100 billion nerve cells which put together thoughts and highly co-ordinated actions, as well as unconscious bodily processes; receives inputs, interprets, and makes responses.

Actually, the list is limitless.


As I was thinking of my wonderful mastermind, I was also contemplating the brain’s role in emotions, motivation and will power. At different times in my life I’ve felt as if I’m at the mercy of my dictator-type brain, which seems to have a mind of its own. Do I have a 3 pound alien atop my shoulders directing my life? My thoughts, feelings, desires, dreams, plans and intentions haven’t been coherently organized to achieve consistently productive results. I’ve been at the beck of someone else’s call.

BUT WAIT!! That beck and call has actually been answered several times, and it’s time to hand out some awards. There is no alien between my shoulders; my brain has served me well, and it’s time that I acknowledged its successes. I’ve not only adapted to life in three different countries in a different continent, but have embraced and cherished the differences. Because of the choices I’ve made–whether good or ill– my brain has given me skills to cope with any adversity or discomfort. It has come to my rescue with countless solutions to untold problems, smoothing away mayhem, maelstrom and several spasms.

Not only that, but because of my brain I’ve been able to embark on creative enterprises of varying kinds, and have yet to see the limits of just how many more differing kinds of art I’m able to produce.

Happiest of all, because of my brain I’m able to laugh at my foibles, not take the world or myself very seriously, and have been gifted with the ability to laugh and even cause amusement amongst strangers, friends and family.

Therefore, I am very happy to report that the brain which has set up residence within my skull is not just a hypothetical wonder. There is still so much to learn about its future use.

Reading articles on mindfulness and meditation, as Mizzfit has shared, I’m learning that there are guidelines for harnessing the power of the brain for more focused thought and control.

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