A new running goal? Maybe?

With the rapid approach of November on the horizon, bringing with it shorter daylight hours and the urge to stay indoors, I thought it best to set a new running goal. Who knows if that’s the best way to actually get anything done, but I’m willing to give it a go. And that’s what we’ll be focusing on this week: setting new goals for the cooler months.

striped_runnerAs with most runners/joggers/plodders my goal has two phases with one being to run more days of the month, and the other being to add more mileage to my longer runs. Those self-help gurus always say to tell someone your goals as that makes you accountable for them – which has never worked for me. As soon as I mention a goal I’ll find myself making excuses, dillydallying and ultimately failing. So, I’m not going to say what my mileage goal is or how I plan to go about reaching it, just know that I may or may not be running more days, and may or may not be happy with the length of my route.

striped_runner2If you’re anything like me as to goals and not letting people guess beforehand what you’re up to, you’ll know that we like to surprise other folks with our accomplishments, and certainly do not want to parade our failures for all to see. All that bosh about failure making you stronger, it’s a load of codswallop – failure is depressing and makes goal setting even harder. If you disagree, I’m glad, ’cause with 7 billion people on the planet, I sure hope someone thinks I’M full of codswallop! Make goals, share them or don’t, accept failure or be smothered by it, and as for me..I’ll be running, but don’t stay up late waiting for any goal updates or notifications, that is – until I’ve reached my elusive mileage.


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