Recharge the Heart

It seems one can’t swing a cat on the internet without hitting a write-up on stress, anxiety, the effects of too much tech-time, the travails of modern life or conversely: 5-ways to fix everything. But, no worries, we won’t we be doing any of that this week – we’re all about rejuvenating our lives and recharging our life-forces, no cat wrangling needed!

I love to run, but it can wear a girl out, y’know? This Saturday after my long run I decided the bod needed a little pampering, a little restoration. So, I filled up the tub, keeping the water level low because of the crappy drought conditions, sigh. With some incense lit and the water as hot as I could stand it, the submerging of self commenced. Yes, the cliche is true, with my ears underwater and eyes closed I was back in the womb, albeit one that smelled like Nag Champa. Once the monkey-mind chatter calmed down, the beating heart filled all my senses with it’s chanting of, “loveyou, loveyou, loveyou, loveyou”, and yes there were some tears – but they simply joined the Epsom salts and eased the aches.


In the pause between breaths I could feel the surface water move to my heart beats, in the dark stillness it was the only muscle hard at work. Moby Dick remained unread and tea stayed in the cup as I thought about the 9 billion restless hearts roaming the earth. Our hearts keep on beating through it all: light dark, happy sad, fun boring, work play, good bad, run walk. So next time I’m given grief or the brain wants me to avoid looking at someone a little different, I’m going to try and remember their beating heart, saying, “loveyou, loveyou, loveyou.”

[Img.Src: Bathroom 1903]

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