A Time to Spring Clean

When the daffodils come into bloom along the freeways it’s time for Spring cleaning. When the furnace stays off and the doors and windows remain open, it’s time for a Spring clean. When March’s full moon and Daylight Savings Time happen on the same day, it’s time to get out the Spring cleaning supplies. So, this week we share our regimens – do we look forward to a big clean, or not?

What is the impetus behind this need for Spring cleaning, I wonder. It could have a religious history, depending on the culture/country, or it could be because we’re sloughing off the memory of a soggy winter, and feel energized to take on a big clean out. I’m happy the time has come to shake the carpets, empty out the cabinets and snap on the rubber gloves. It’s invigorating to tackle this project of making the home and garden ready for whatever comes next.

I’ll be doing as thorough a job as possible because I’m feeling a little weighted with stuff, and I’m hoping a good clean out will coincide with a bit of decluttering. I’m gonna have a box labelled Yard Sale, and I intend to fill it right up. So, gleaming cabinets, sparkling shelves and the hope of some extra cash from objets d’art (more like objets de what was I thinking) no longer needed.

What with a birthday and jury duty looming, a big project like Spring cleaning is just what I need. Cheers, Universe — prepare to be free of dust bunnies.

[Img.Src: Spring cleaning in Vondelpark, 1961.]

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