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It’s been said that variety is the spice of life – and is there anything that gives one more access to many different spices than travel? The brain thrives on new experiences, especially ones where we start out confused, overwhelmed and excited — and then find our way to awed, enchanted and amazed. This week we’re sharing the places we want to travel to next and what makes these destinations special.

Sunshine-filled beaches, blue-tipped icebergs, zip-lines through jungles, dirt bikes over sand dunes, safaris in the wild, theme park adventures, white water rafting — these are a few of the amazing trips people go on every year. But not me. And I was fully prepared to explore the possibilities of choosing one of these traveling ideas and sharing it with y’all, but it would’ve been a pie in the sky dream.

Instead, I’ll share where a girl travels to when she has no spare cash at all – cause a lack of funds should never limit widening one’s life experiences. I take my good self to the library. And in one visit I’ll find books that take me to London, Boston, Tokyo, Moscow or Cape Town. Or the outer fringes of Planet X2Y1Alpha, y’know? Sure, this is armchair traveling, but my brain is still deeply satisfied by the descriptions and inked adventures.

I can choose to be bummed about not being able to jump on a plane and fly off to wonderful destinations, or I can set goals and save towards making far off dreams a reality, or I can try and make each day NOW a smidge better by being open to anything new. What if where you are is the one place someone else is longing to visit? We can’t wait for a short 2 weeks, or less, vacation to have fun, and I know daily-life grind can feel prohibitively anti-adventure, but we only get one life, yeah? It’s time to find your fun anywhere and however you can, near or far.

[Img.Src: Sand Dunes, Antarctic, Zip-lining.]

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