Where is the S.S. Motivation?

In this brand new week of April we’ll be sharing what we’ve got planned or at least what we hope to plan for keeping moving and motivated for the rest of the month. Unfortunately my motivational ship has sailed into the doldrums, and the becalmed blue seas have taken all the wind out of my sails. Maybe it’s the continual running of the same route but I’m at a bit of an exercistential crossroads without any helpful signposts.


What does one do in the doldrums? How to proceed without any indication of which direction is best? Platitudes won’t help, advice will go unheeded, coaches will be ignored — it’s sink or swim time. Or, maybe I’ll practice floating, a lovely peaceful activity that doesn’t harm anyone. Plans, what plans? I didn’t have a good running record for April last year and was hoping to improve, but seem to be hitting the same dull patch. Will she learn how to get out of the doldrums, you wonder? Maybe put those oars to good use? Stay tuned…

[Img.Src: Ship at sea]

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