The Cold, Hard Road to Change

I haven’t done much of anything this year. My mat lays unfurled on the floor beckoning, the hound flops on it more than I. I want to lace up my takkies and hit the road for a run. Alas, my takkies haven’t made it here yet- they were hung up in Turkey and then sent back to America, to then be resent to retry making it to Lithuania. Even if they were here, there is no way, no how, my slowly turning into a stodgy mess of a giant ass, would brave the icy, slip sliding away streets of Vilnius, not even for 1 ‘klick’. The cold isn’t ‘bracing’, it’s just stupid. It slices to the bone- on walks to the shops or the embassy I have to forcibly stop my miserable self from crying, because I know the resulting snot and tears would freeze my face off my already frozen face.


I have made up a great yoga session which I have done once and rehoned in my mind again and again. I get changed into yoga gear but cannot then get on my mat. My softening self is repellent but I haven’t a drop of ‘give a damn’ in me. I know this all will change- having moved multiple times I know I don’t do well with changes of this magnitude- I will pick it all up again, my interest in moving with strength and verve will be rekindled, until then I’m increasing my stack of read novels and working thru Netflix.

[Img.Src: Vilnius Cathedral Square]

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