Tap Energy Reserves for Summer

After learning that I’d spent half a dozen years in the hot and humid southern part of the states, followed by a 23 year interlude in Africa, one could leap to the conclusion that hot and steamy climates would be right up my alley. I used to —decades ago— coach swimming, hockey, tennis, as well as track and field in such severe climatic zones—and I’ve got the left overs of a blistered nose as proof.


However, I’m a mild climate-loving person at heart —with the overcast drizzle of the San Francisco Bay running through my veins. I’ve discovered that my ‘sunny’ disposition is as fickle as the weather, resulting in my resolve to exercise literally wilting with rising temperatures.


But, I’ve discovered that there are hidden reserves of energy within me just waiting to be tapped, whether the weather is hot and humid, hot and dry, or just plain HOT HOT HOT. This very week I’ve discovered that I can walk for miles and miles in the hot and humid zones of D.C. Such knowledge has equipped me with confidence that here in hot and dry California, such excursions will be a piece of cake.

Here are a few activities I engage in during the heat of the summer:

  • early morning forays into the garden for diggings, weedings and replantings
  • yoga and weights
  • 3 mile walks into town, along the marina; seeking new trails on google maps
  • trips to the gym in the heat of the afternoons—under shelter and amongst air-conditioned apparatus..

My sunny disposition is back, no longer subject to the whims of the weather.

[Img.Src: Africa 1896, San Francisco 1942]

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