5 Ways to Love

This week we’re broadening the definition of love. After all, if the Supreme Court can do it, so can we. How do we bring love into our lives and those closest to us? Do you have enough love in your day, how does one tell? Is there a love-o-meter, maybe for sale on Etsy? Here’s my love list, we’ll see if you think I’m stretching the definition…


Up first: colour.
I love colour, which would be immediately apparent if you set foot in my space. How can love be monochromatic? If you were to write LOVE on the wall wouldn’t it be in colour, preferably lit in neon?

Up second: running.
It was my sister who shared her love for running with me many years ago. Her 5 a.m. wake up calls were a bit much, yes? But, irregardless, she got me hooked on lacing up my takkies in the morning. Now my love for running waxes and wanes like the phases of the moon, but I can’t live without it.

Up third: books.
Since Dick, Jane and Spot read their ways into my life I’ve been hooked on inked words. A day doesn’t feel complete without a bit of reading for pleasure. I’m bereft when I realize I don’t have anything to read. Thank goodness for libraries, lots of love shelved therein.

Up fourth: the ocean.
Sometimes we have to travel for love, luckily for me it’s a lovely 25 minute drive to the mighty Pacific. I bring my love to her, and she repays me tenfold – yes, sometimes it’s with flashers, nude old men, couples having sex, etc. but most times it’s with an unexplainable uplift in mood – how does she do it I often wonder.

Up fifth: cats.
What would we do without our furry friends? How dim and low on the love-o-meter would our lives be without litter-boxes to scoop, hairballs to clean up, fishy breath first thing in the morning and best of all hugs whenever we want?

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