Add a Little Zest to A Workout

How can January nearly be over? Where has the time gone? And so quickly too. If you need time to slow down just a little, join the crew! We all need extra time to be find energy to be more positive, adjust to new changes, and find ways to add zest to our workouts, right? So, this week we share how we boost our workout routines, if they need it.

Frankly, if I google how to add inspiration or motivation to a workout I get 4.5 million results in 0.72 seconds. That’s a lot of zest. But, ultimately it comes down to whether or not we use these zesty tidbits. Do motivation tips actually get a girl to lace up her takkies and head out the door? And why do we need that extra help to motivate us?

Well, it all boils down to self-discipline. Do I have enough of it, or not. Can I say no to all the excuses my mind throws up. And really, don’t you want to know how much self-discipline you have, without relying on someone else’s motivation tips to get you going? How else will we know on those really dark and sad days that despite everything we can still go for a run – knowing we’re mentally tough enough? Because at the end of a zest-inspired list it’s still you deciding whether or not it’s worth it to go work it out.

We’re so used to distracting our minds and seeking externally for answers that I say, NO. No more lists. No to the 4.5 million. I’m gonna look inside for my inspiration, I want to own my self-control, to be the driving force, to be the zest.

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