Falling in Love with the Bike

I first started using a bike for exercise out of necessity, as it was a part of my rehab routine after knee surgery. At first I would whine and complain about trying to get back in shape. I also missed my regular classes. A friend suggested that I embrace my new set of circumstances and try spin class. I tried it. I liked it.

A few months in, I was hooked. I had all of the gear – bike shoes with clips, a heart rate monitor, and couple of pairs of bike shorts. Eventually I found some favorite spin instructors and made friends. I was able to get back in shape and my knee felt strong again.

It has now been over 15 years since that first class. I have learned more about myself and my body during my spin classes. I have danced, laughed, sang (not well!), lifted weights, and stretched on a bike. I have had bad days on the bike, but most usually the music can turn those into good. I am constantly amazed how the bike continually challenges me. We are good friends. And most days we love each other.

My love for the bike has grown slowly over time. I resisted at first, but I am in a committed relationship now. Gotta love the bike!

[Img.Src: Pennyfarthing, Posing with bicycle, Queen Wilhelmina cycling, 1938, British bike, 1893.]

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