Stamina Will be Here Soon

I haven’t been out running in months. I know when I pick it back up here again- probably in the spring- I’m gonna be flagging. I know based on the past that I can make it for a mile and half or so before having to do the run/walk deal. It will take consistency and rigid determination to make it back up to running for a solid hour- which is always my goal when I am in a running state of mind. I love when my body responds and I super dig it more when my mind doesn’t go to the can’t, won’t, shan’t route.


Personally my head gets in the way of building up miles, weights, reps or even beginning anew. Stamina sounds great, if only I can leave my bed when it’s rainy and cold outside. Having a goal to begin a steady running regimen will have to wait until I’m no longer looking down the barrel of the gun that is winter. Stamina will be there, I know, when I tack up my running schedule on my fridge come March!

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