Bonjour, New Year — 2017

Hello, Monday — Hello, New Year. It’s a new beginning, a fresh start, a clean slate, etc.  This week we’ll be sharing our plans for January: will we be sticking with the old, or does a new year mean a few new workouts? Let’s get started, shall we?


Well, I’m afraid I’ll be bucking the trend of sharing goals with y’all. But, don’t feel slighted, I’m not sharing them with anyone. I subscribe to the idea that telling the world about my plans diminishes the excitement. And remember how we’re told to tell our friends and family our goals so as to be held accountable? Nah, that doesn’t work for me. Face it, some of our brains like to work in solitude with no one peering over our shoulders, asking how close we are to achieving our goal. Uh-uh, no thank-you.

That was a bit of a long-winded explanation, yes? How bout I share a big goal I’ve already accomplished? In December I took part in Robin Arzon’s #3for31 challenge. Every day we ran 3 miles or more, and I’m happy to say minus the first, I ran every single day for a total December mileage of 127.57 miles. Not bad, yeah? And I kept it a secret for 3 weeks, making sure it was nearly fait accompli before sharing.

So, with the knowledge that if needed I can run every day, I’m feeling well set for 2017. If a challenge is your thing too, I recommend Ms. Arzon’s #3for31 – run, walk, jog, bike, hike, row – anything for 3 miles, every day for a month. Or maybe, yoga every day for a month? You might surprise yourself. Happy New Year.

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