Boundless Possibilities in 2017

I’m excited that 2017 has arrived, because 2017 seems like a very lucky number to me. As mentioned in my last post, this year is full of boundless possibilities of extraordinary achievements for all of us.

Let’s review some 2017 New Year’s Resolutions. Mine are almost the same as last year, not because I didn’t keep them but because they ended up guiding me to a pretty successful year. I value consistency and loyalty to things that have worked for me in the past.

To recap my most important resolutions, I resolve to: Lose the 2 — okay, 3+ — pounds I’ve gained over the Holidays, and stay at my ideal set-point weight (or less); Aim to go to the Gym everyday, and work-out 10 Hrs./week; Eat organic/heart healthy/bone healthy/high fiber foods; Avoid Injuries!

My other resolutions are not exactly health-related, but are important to keeping a positive state of mind. They include: Declutter the house and garage; See lots of movies and read lots of books; Pursue my pottery hobby. Also, there’s an overall admonition about my appearance:

**Wear nice ensembles — pants/top/jacket/shoes/bag/jewelry**


Lastly, I promise to write creative and fun MoveGirlGO posts which will draw in more readers, grow our fan-base (thousands, millions . . . ) and make us famous in 2017. Oh, and I almost forgot, I need to develop a more spiritual nature and perfect my concept of what/who god is and establish a better relationship with same. Wish me luck.

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