LaFitterina’s 2016 Fitness Review

It’s time for our annual year-end MoveGirlGO fitness assessment, a chance to review 2016 in terms of our fitness achievements.

This year I’ll revive my self-devised 5-part fitness assessment from 2 years ago. It’s quite evident that I love to keep metrics, being an accountant.

1. Steps per day – My Fitbit shows that I’ve taken 3.4 million steps over the last 12 months — an average of 9300 steps per day (vs. my goal of 10K). No measurable increase whatsoever from last year’s total, which is somewhat disappointing, but not bad!


2. Exercise sessions per week – At my Gym, I continue to get comments like “You’re here everyday, aren’t you?” which is definitely a good sign. But not precisely true. I keep an exercise log, so I can calculate the exact number of days that I exercised, and the 2016 average is 6.14 days per week, so not quite everyday. But, an occasional day of rest can be beneficial to the body, and proves I’m not an exercise fanatic/addict, right?

3. Exercise hours per week – I always log the number of hours that I work out, and so far in 2016 I’m averaging 8.25 hours per week, versus my informal goal of 9 hours per week. There were 30 weeks that I achieved/exceeded my goal (including 9 weeks with 10 or more, and 1 week with 11.25 hours).

4. Weight – Of course, this is the most important measure of success for me personally, so I’m thrilled to report that I’m DOWN by 8 pounds (starting the year at BMI over 20, now 19 — both normal), and hopefully I can keep my weight stable, learning my lesson to avoid last year’s holiday excesses and resultant weight gain.


5. Injuries – Nothing quantifiable going on, but my left knee seems to be getting more iffy, and I still need to go easy on exercises involving lower back, neck, shoulder, as well as knees.

Okay, that was a little bit painful, sorta like taking taking final exams. But, overall I’ve managed to get results that are pretty positive (or, at least, not too bad), and get to pat myself on the back. I’ll give myself an A-minus for this fitness year. A-minus was always my favorite grade to get in school — garnering the same points as an A with the minimum of effort — it’s a stroke of genius to know the exact point when you’ve done enough.

And now I urge our readers to take some time to examine their 2016 fitness achievements, with the realization that we have another year to look forward to, and boundless possibilities of extraordinary fitness achievements for all of us.

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