Change Your Mood . . . 1, 2, 3 — GO

I’m not sure why the MoveGirlGO Girls are lately dwelling on dealing with negatives, problems, trouble, and blahs in our lives. But, let’s face it, the human condition is to suffer. Yep, we humans are lucky enough to be conscious of our mortality. We’ve evolved the ability to ruminate about the past and worry about the future, instead of just sticking to the all-important present. Let’s all try to work through our daily dose of sorrows and end up with a crumb of happiness.

I recall that when I was a child, if I was being glum, my parents would tell me to ‘snap out of it’ or scold me with ‘I’ll give you something to complain about.’ That must have been their way of telling me that children should be happy.

Now that I’ve reached adulthood, with all its responsibilities, I can easily fall into a funk. When waves of despair seem to be washing over me, it’s helpful to simply observe the feeling. Tip: Just breathe, and acknowledge that sadness is part of life.


If I’m a little down, a more superficial approach is to get busy with even the most trivial task. Cleaning the catbox . . . emptying the dishwasher . . . making the bed. My spirits are lifted, simply by stringing together a bunch of accomplishments. Tip: Distraction works wonders.

It’s also gratifying to think through my negativity, to try to get to a positive result. For example, I found myself not wanting to attend an event which was on my calendar Monday night. I was feeling very grumpy and blah. Self-analysis made me realize that my presence was expected . . . I would be missed . . . and if I stayed holed-up at home, I would feel worse than if I made the effort to go. So, I arrived at the right decision, showed up, and enjoyed the camaraderie of a group that seems to care about me, and which expects me to love them back. Tip: A bad mood has the potential to be turned into borderline euphoria — it’s up to you.

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