Keep Veggies Fresh & Vital all Week

A couple months ago I finally went and bought my fruit and veg at the local Martinez Farmers’ Market. Man, did I discover a whole lot of great ambiance, music, people watching–not to mention the produce–that I’d been missing!


And there I go back home again, single live alone me, laden down with two big bags of fresh from the farm goodies. Now: how to make them all get cooked and retain their freshness and vitality to last the week? Sort of how I stay fresh and retain my vitality: with difficulty.

But here are some examples:

  • For breakfast I eat grapefruit or bananas, maybe a strawberry or two. Morning snack could be a naartjie/cutie.
  • Today’s sandwich included avocado, tomato and lettuce.
  • Dinner will have a side of a cauliflower/tomato/sweet potato mix–usually referred to as aloo gobi–and Indian curry, which my older daughter introduced me to. This will be in addition to lightly stir-fried asparagus. (Left over aloo gobi can be frozen).

I love to stir fry veggies, and they don’t go brown, soft and gnarly if they get frozen and used at a later date.

Chilies, copious amounts of garlic, onions and ginger–all veggies–get thrown into most everything I make.

I won’t talk about the other additions of condiments, spices or bits of protein that get thrown in, as this is all about produce!

[Img.Src: Haymarket Square, 1973]

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