Mizzfit’s Anti-Rhinovirus Remedies

It starts in the dark hours of the night. At first a little niggle, which one tries to swallow away – and then it turns into a dry burning that no amount of swallowing can ease. And so, the sore throat, harbinger of colds and flu has arrived. This week we’re sharing what remedies we use to aid our cure for the universal cold.

And yes, I know what you’re thinking – there is no cure for the common cold. The sneaky rhinovirus barrels along infecting anyone with a little weakness in their immune system. And face it, with modern stress, we all have chinks in our armor. Here are my list of helpmeets and actions to take that make me feel a little better about a drippy cold:

1. Have lozenges at hand. I keep a stock of these for that 3 AM occasion when I wake up with a throat on fire. They raise the chances of getting back to sleep – and we all know how important rest is while battling a cold.

2. Always be washing the hands. Yes, soft Kleenex tissue is necessary for the delicate nose bits, but after every sinus clearing I wash the hands. Bugger off, rhinovirus, is what I say.


3. Make a pot of veggie soup. The body needs all the nutrient help it can get, right? Plus, a soup is simple and often we’ll have the ingredients in our pantries – cause who wants to go shopping when sick?

4. Get as much fresh air as possible. Yes, rest is important, but on the days when the nose spigot is slowing, my system enjoys the bracing air of the ocean, or the soft whisper of the forest. It used to be called, taking the cure, I’m bringing it back.

5. Tea. I’m certain my last cold was routed by lemon & ginger tea. I stay away from all things dairy as they make phlegm ickier, so herbal teas are my main friends during a cold.

Finally, all I can say is, Good Luck!

[Img.Src: Cold Poster, 1937]

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