I’ve not subscribed to a specific philosophy for exercising, and haven’t even read too much on the subject, even though there are exercise gurus, magazine articles, and books on the subject—all beckoning for attention.

When I first learnt of this week’s theme, and realized I didn’t have a solid philosophical foundation to base my exercise routines on, I started to think about WHY I exercise, and started thinking about all sorts of words that begin with v.

If I don’t exercise regularly, I lose all sense of being vital—in movement, thought and being.  Without regular routines of movement, I begin a downward spiral which exacerbates the joint pain from my head to my toes, and of course my mind and spirit join my lackluster body in the pit of uselessness.

Following Mizzfit’s use of the dictionary, I started looking at some inspiring v words, and just listing them formed a philosophy that motivates me to get into action.  I started with one word, which led me to the next, and the next—so here we go, with the help of a thesaurus.

First, the definition of vitality:  1)  exuberant physical strength or mental vigor  (WOW!)

2)  capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence

Well, those definitions got my glutes all a-twitchin.

Have a look at these lists of synonyms, and see if your toes, knees, hips and shoulders can sit still for even one minute!  And then keep reminding yourself (myself):  Movement enables me to be vital.

Yep, I’m well aware that there are days and reasons when we lose our VERVE, but to counteract the blahs, I’m going to print out my list of zany feel-good words and tape it to my fridge. When I’m feeling VITAL, I’m a VALUABLE force to be reckoned with, a joy to be around, with the magical spiral of movement enabling me to step out without fear, restrictions or inhibitions.  HOORAH!!

Who knew that philosophy could be so exciting??

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