Numero Tres Gadget Love

My go-to, happy-maker electronic gadget is my iPod, even though our relationship is still in its infancy. On a purely superficial level, this iPod looks and feels good—smooth, light, sleek, with the background color of teal. As far as the screen goes, well, it’s just another apple product with all those colourful logos that I don’t pay much attention to.

So, why do I like this entertainment device so much? Why is it essential to my happiness?  Just how does it provide the zing to my zang?

It’s the music, stupid.

victorian_caped_woman_ipodAs tempting as it is to end with that thought, I’ll give a few more salient details of its awesomeness. Like discovering hidden facets of loveable characteristics in a friend, I continue to be amazed at what my iPod can do. Actually, I’ve had help finding some of the (not so) hidden talents: face time. When I acquired this wonderful machine—with the incentive of 10% off—I had no idea that I’d actually be able to talk with people while looking up their noses.

But the main thing is the music. While doing mindless chores, I used to sing all the songs that I could remember, from ‘Smile Though your Heart is Breaking’ to old gospel tunes like ‘Tempted and Tried’. Getting this iPod made all the difference to how happily and quickly I can get through the most mundane tasks with a smile (when my heart is happy), and a bit of a bounce. If any cats are nearby, I try to share the earphones with them, but mostly receive a baleful look for my efforts. But let me tell you, their tails are wagging very merrily now that they don’t have to listen to songs about living in sin.

Since acquiring a wireless speaker—the iPod is like a Barbie doll, demanding its accessories— I can listen to music while gardening, painting, working in the kitchen or getting into the snooze mode.

My latest discovery was just pushing a button and hearing all the tunes I’ve stored or purchased playing in the shuffle mode—like a non-stop 6 hour air plane trip. Hoorah!

Rock on.

[Img.Src: Victorian Caped Woman, Ipod]

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