When Pain Makes You Vulnerable

Anyone that lives with chronic pain knows that there are good days (minimal pain) and there are bad days (can’t get out of bed pain). A few years ago I chose sleep over exercise to see if that would help reduce my migraines or at least see if there was an overall reduction of headaches. It didn’t work.

Embracing my headaches, just like I would reach for my toothbrush in the morning is what I have learned to do. They are a part of me. I breathe in the gratitude – I am alive – my head is still attached.

To go from non-movement to moving again was a process. I needed to build the habit, while recognizing my pain levels along the way. In the beginning there were times that I would just put on the workout clothes and go to the gym. That was it. I was there. I would sit in the lobby and have some tea.


About a week later I got up the courage to get on a bike. I actually broke a sweat. I not only discovered that my body had some muscle memory, but I missed working out. About a month later I found enough courage to take a cycle class.

My headaches are still with me, but I am feeling better with movement. This vulnerability has given me insight into my own belief system, even more appreciation for my body, and gratitude for each day that I am able to move.

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