Ready for Earthquakes?

If you talk to anyone in the state of California, most would be inclined to extol the fantastic quality of life here. (Except, perhaps, for the traffic and high cost of living). It’s a sunny place and dispositions tend to be on the sunny side. People are very aware of the drought conditions we’ve been through, and how, even in the middle of a rain storm, we should continue to be conservative about water usage. Earthquakes aren’t a typical topic of conversation, even though there are signs of buildings getting seismic-proofed all around the bay area. The most striking symbol is the new and improved Bay Bridge, a beautiful, if not constant reminder of the ‘quake of ’89.

During one of my visits to our local farmers’ market, I decided to stop by a table whose banners proclaimed it to be ‘Progressive’. I expected to acquire some strategies to deal with the doom and gloom of politics, but instead was given a flyer on how to prepare for Earthquakes. Yep, earthquakes. I don’t have a plan, nor supplies for an earthquake or any other kind of disaster, even though I’ve heard all the warnings and the need for preparedness, and am quite aware that I’m living on a fault zone. So I listened politely, signed up for emails, put the flyer in my bag, and went off to hunt for veggies. Please don’t ask where I put the flyer.

I’m one of those people who have mottos like “Seize the Day”, “Live one day at a time”, and another one that goes something like: “Don’t worry about tomorrow, cuz today has enough troubles of its own.”

However! If I was to have a survival kit, it would contain stuff like:

typical items found in a first aid kit + plenty of alleve
trail mix
power bars
one a day vitamins
sleeping bag/pillow
cell phone/charger
box of wine

I’m sure if I found that flyer, or even did a google search, I’d find a whole lot more (practical) items to add to the list. Even if I had oodles of space in my habitat, I doubt that I’d get serious about putting together a crate of supplies for disaster. Just in case you’re wondering why I don’t take the inevitable more seriously– because ‘It’s not IF, it’s WHEN’— I’m just not one to go around seeking out calamities, as each day seems to have its own basket of problems.

[Img.Src: Loma Prieta Earthquake, 1989. Freeway Collapsed, Earthquake, 1989.]

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