Recharging for Introverts

At first glance, most wouldn’t describe me as an introvert, but I consistently score this way on the Myers Briggs (MBTI) personality test. This basically means I prefer to recharge my battery through reflection, time alone, or in small groups. So what does the average introvert single girl do?

The good news is I have found that there are so many ways for me to recharge and feed my soul. Here are my top four:

Meditation and prayer: This has now become a daily habit. Some days it is short and sweet, as it is just a gratitude list. Other days it is a longer meditation that focuses on something more specific like kindness, love, or joy. They both seem to fill my heart.
Water: I love this stuff, as it brings me a great sense of calm. I drink it, sort of swim in it (do my best), or just sit and watch it move. When I can, I vacation to anywhere near water – sea, lake, or river. My favorite place in this world is Lake Tahoe. I just love staring at that lake.

Learn: If I am not reading a book, then I am attending a seminar. Sometimes I learn something new (knowledge), but mostly I learn something new about myself. This is always an opportunity for me to grow and to recharge.
Volunteer: If I am really feeling down, then this is a clue that I need to step outside of myself. I ask, “How may I serve?” Volunteering my time and helping others is a great way to recharge.

I should also mention that my pal Buddy, a 10 year young yellow lab, does some of the above with me. He seems to really like the meditation one, although that might be closer to a nap for him.

To find your personality type you can go here.

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